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A visit To The Set Of "Portlandia"

As a cable show low-budget comedy, in turn, IFC "Portlandia" director distributes more partisan than most prime-time programs. Shoots for the entire Portland, travels a relatively small team to quickly create a scene fire, then move on.

This includes a visit to Portland Laurelhurst Park in September, along with a sketch of Eddie Vedder tattoos, a game Jan. 13. Age of the second year the show starts on Friday.

As a resident of Laurelhurst normal preamble, "Portlandia" star Carrie Brownstein is sitting on a picnic blanket and a guest star Scott Brown. In this sketch, two for friendship, but Green has a tattoo that I can not keep Brownstein: cartoonish image of Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam is.

"Portlandia" co-creator Fred Armisen, standing near the display, both on land unfolds, he recalls, "We had a brainstorming session, and Kerry came up with this idea. Sometimes Tattoo is done right, or an article questioning many things. As a face, but suddenly, Tattoo makes them say "Wait, what? '"

After a picnic on the floor, but before you go to order - cycling, Brownstein explains the inspiration for the design.

"These are people all switches arbitrary time, it is important to determine whether you can really love someone, or to imagine life with someone," he says. "There is something so permanent tattoo, and I think that music, drawing, and I want that music snobs, and we are constantly shocked by the lack of a thorough knowledge of the people. We are both fans of Pearl Jam, but it would be a bad Tattoo idea for the group and with such cold. Interesting and shocking "

Vedder appears in the Jan. 13 episode.

"Portlandia" gathered a cult following last year's Asia-Pacific Wind culture skewering characters (Feminist shop owners), and at least one catch phrase ("When a bird!"). Despite the fact that this new season of 10 episodes instead of the first six seasons, says Armisen is a great sense of comfort and performance.

"The first season, I do not know what the show was," he says. "When a bird is this? I had no idea what it was."

This show will be in the eyes of the beholder, Brownstein continues.

"I'm at the point, showing that these other people to tell us what it is. It's our job to do," he says. "We do not take pleasure in the life of a Portland or Portland. Portland is the context in which we operate and the environments in which skits in front of the spring, but let's start and go to places that are even more absurd, or surreal."

"Portlandia" Some believe they can improve on the season.

"We are always in stock, we always think we can do better," says Brownstein. "We know what worked and what did not work last season."

How is it?

"I have no details," he demurs. "We just have to see things, and I think we can do better. Should be kept in a little looser. They should have a better end this."

Armisen IFC recognizes the desire of managers to the new skits, "When the bird on the" character than he is, and Brownstein, but they are very happy to put a wig for the role of feminist colleagues in the store.

"This is our favorite. We have four or five sketches with them this year," he says. "We love, because the place is real. We are all standing there, so mental. You get the register and talk and talk and talk. It's really fun. Carrey is brilliant."

Yakima native Kyle MacLachlan returns a few episodes of season two, as the mayor of Portland. The new guest stars include Sean Hayes ("Will & Grace"), Miranda July ("Me and You and Everyone We Know"), Jack McBrayer ("30 Rock"), Mary Lynn Rajskub ("24"), Tim Robbins ( "Shawshank Redemption"), Kristen Wiig ("Bridesmaids") and music stars Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), Steve Jones (Pistols Fri), Johnny Marr (Smiths), singer / songwriter Joanna Newsom and Annie Clark ( St. Vincent).

The season premiere on Friday, "Mixology", several sketches, including some who want to pickle and everything seemed a little repetitive, and guest star Andy Samberg ("Saturday Night Live").

Fans of "Battlestar Galactica" will start from the second sample, which is threaded through the two episodes: Brownstein and Armisen play a couple who have not seen "BSG" and absorbed by the order from the moment you're watching the DVD. This episode is titled "Moore attacks" after "BSG" creator Ron Moore.

Facilitate the return of the show, Armisen and Brownstein embarked on a six-city, sold out - the tour that stops Wednesday in Seattle Showbox at the Market. "Portlandia" tour after a five-week tour in support of debut album Brownstein new film, The Wild Flag.

This was a common interest in music brought Brownstein and Armisen together as friends for several years, so it is not surprising Armisen believes there is a ceiling between music fans and the "Portlandia" audience.

"The guys alone," he says. "Group Age is not just a tattoo and piercings big enough '. I think there are a large number of music lovers in general, I think this guy can connect 60 or a child who is 15 and I think ... We all like the Beatles and Nirvana, and Fugazi and Stereolab, and Sleater-Kinney.

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