Senin, 09 Januari 2012

Google Lounch The Tablet PC to compete with Apple iPad and Amazon's Kindle a fire

With Goggle planning to launch its  own brand of Tablet that people are speculating whether this product a competition for Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle fire provides. This issue has been at the forefront, when Google CEO Eric Schmidt has announced the launch of its Android tablet announced in the coming months. The president of Google, said that the Tablet could be of high quality.

Experts say the technology will be a competition for the iPad.

Since the data in each of the Digitimes, the Tablet would be a seven-inch panel, have achieved similar to Amazon's Kindle  fire. The value of the gadget is 200 USD, however. The sources of Digitimes says that the Tablet can also be started in March or April, according to Telegraph.
"To believe in the chain that Google with Google, but Apple iPad offering, the  was of  7 inches as the Amazon Kindle fire , its main competitor, direct switching," says a report from Digitimes.

"However, Google Taiwan, said the company has never heard of the preparation for the launch of a Tablet PC brand", says Digitimes.

"The sources believe that Google Android 4.0 will launch free  brand Tablet PC  from March to April, with a group of seven inches and  Android  4.0 with a value of  $ 199 in the United States, but to compete with Amazon," the Digitimes report.

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