Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

Google Offers $ 25 for Your Search History

Google has announced that they will begin to pay for some users, as compensation for his use of search history in Screenwise project.

The new project, targeted to find out more about how people use the internet in his personal life. To that end, Google asked the volunteers to install the Chrome browser extension that enables the collection of data.

The search engine giant said, for those who register as a volunteer project will get a code  products Gift Card valued at $ 5, then as a thank you will be given another code gift card worth $ 5, every three months. So proclaimed The Times of India, Thursday (02/09/2012).

"What we learned from you, and people like you, will help us improve Google products and services, and create a better online experience for everyone," Google wrote in Screenwise site.

"To be able to participate, you must be aged 13 years or older, have a Google account (or make advance), and ready to use the Google Chrome browser," he added.

Proclaimed the Los Angeles Times, the program is completely voluntary and the Google offering gift cards to participants, to the worth of USD 25 in exchange for participation in the survey. Meanwhile, to overcome the fear of loss of privacy, Google said that those who participate in the program can be stopped at any time.

"If you are interested in the prize (or if the gift was matched), people can participate. And those who participate gain full transparency and the power of internet usage which is included in the panel," said Google spokesman.


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